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Yuneec Breeze Review – A Quadcopter That Fits in a Backpack and on a Budget

Yuneec Breeze Review – A Quadcopter That Fits in a Backpack and on a Budget

Drones have been actively improved in the past few years. Now that manufacturers have been able to provide them with all the necessary features, drones are trying to become more compact – a self-contained flying camera is of little use if you cannot carry it everywhere with you. We have a review of Yuneec Breeze.

Yuneec Breeze Review - A quadcopter that fits in a backpack and budget

Reviews on Yuneec Breeze quadcopter

There are many super-compact drones on the market, and in this review, we can compare Yuneec’s Breeze with others.

Yuneec Breeze quadcopter reviews

Yuneec Breeze Characteristics

Yuneec Breeze is a smaller and lighter version of the Typhoon Yuneec that rivals larger and more expensive competitors.

The most important feature of the Breeze is the camera, which can shoot in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, take 13-megapixel stills and stream video to your smartphone in real time.

The drone also has offline shooting modes, including Orbit, Follow Me, and Selfie—these were previously only available on drones for $1,000 or more.

The positioning system helps the Breeze fly and maintain a stable indoor position.

Yuneec Breeze Features

Included is a case, propeller protection kit and two batteries, each one lasts approximately 11-12 minutes of flight.

Build quality and design

At first glance, the Yuneec Breeze, made almost entirely of plastic, doesn’t seem particularly durable. But during testing, we repeatedly hit the Breeze against bushes, branches, tree trunks and even a car, it was never so damaged that it could not immediately take off.

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